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Tom J. Byrne Paints Watercolor and Channels His Art in Bronze

Tom J. Byrne is an Irish Painter who recently came to Florence to further his education in Fine Arts.  After completing his studies in the Angel Academy of Realist Art he set out on the path of Plein Air Painting and now works in conjunction with the luxury art school, Tuscany Plein Air as the head workshop instructor. His more personal works involve channeling. Painted in watercolor and bronzed these more morbid works come out, ironically when he is most at ease and content in life.

He has been an artist for 25 years and for 4 years ran art galleries in Paris, on the Ile Saint Louis. While in Paris he also studied with several master painters such as Jorge Hermle, Shane Wolf and Pierre Le Goariguer.

He has an upcoming exhibition of recent paintings in the Silvana Vegan Restaurant on Via De Neri 12/r 50122 Firenze. Italy.
The art captures in the Plein Air Style the Italian landscape and some personal fantasy paintings.

Tom J. Byrnes work can be found at the following website:

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