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My World is My Canvas: Guadalupe Herrera

Guadalupe Herrera is a freelance Innovative Graphic Artist/Designer.  Born and raised in Eagle Pass, Tx in 1963, in a small board town near Mexico.  Moved in the summer of ’81.

Attended the Art Institute of Houston, graduating with a degree in visual communication and specializing in graphic design. 

He spent a year in Kenner, Louisiana. He worked in the signage field after college but decided to return back  to what he loves, belongs and calls home, Houston, Tx. After a few various positions he finally found a home with  one of the largest title companies in Texas, where he worked for 25+ years. Still maintaining a 8 to 5 position,  He found time to create personal endeavors. 

He started Graphics & Friends – Advertising & Design Studio, GLH Designs – Signage Studio, HH&H – Renovation  & Innovation Remodeling, and optimistically, soon to come… Aztec Arte Gallery. 

One of his specialities and passions was creating mechanical or technical illustrations. In his downtime he would  squeeze in a painting or two throughout the year. His pieces are mainly large scale and often take a month or more to create especially with his new latest style. 

His background encompasses advertising, sign making, furniture creation and construction. With knowledge and  experience in most trade skills in the field. Drawing and mimicking DC and Marvel Comics was his first initial skills  his mother noticed at an early age and encouraged. His mother was the only one growing up that believed in him,  and told him he would be an artist one day. Eventually, having that day in what she always believed in and say, “I always knew you would make it.

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