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Santiago Perez

Santi was born in the United States and raised in Colombia, City of Medellin. He has helped develop projects such as: animations, video games, and concept art in the world of entertainment.

He has had the privilege to illustrate the complexities of mental conditions; The Warrior, depicts the adventures he faced during a crucial period of his life. He loves working with bold, bright colors, experimenting with different medias, and enjoys conversing.

The Palenquera is a work in progress- its a Colombian lady that sells fruit in the Colombian beaches – an embodiment of color and joy.

The female body was a series of colored pencil sketches for different plastic surgeons.

The Dino collage was my first colored pencil piece. 

The Warrior was my first charcoal piece and it is important as it showed my struggle and love for art.

The Portrait of the girl is concept art- made in photoshop for a client who wanted a tattoo of his lady. 


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