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[Video] Francesca Bayegan Talks Art at Glassell

For the Artist in Studio Series, @Fallenroyaltyart, Artist Francesca discusses inspiration, the role of the artist, and her process at the Glassell School of Art in Houston, TX.

Film+Editing by Sabrina Scott, Photography by Violeta Alvarez

Artist Statement

My paintings are heavily inspired by art history or the history of architecture, I take multiple styles of art that I am drawn to and I mold them together. My main work is influenced heavily on medieval architecture and ruines, I painted these in the manner of manuscript paintings and Pompeian illusionistic fresco. My new series explores the line-work of renaissance drawings as a means of capturing elements of geological decay such as ice cracks, mud flows and planetary surfaces.

My goal is to enhance the experience. I seek to produce a pictorial problem solving response in the viewer, I want the viewer to question if the painting is in production or falling into decay, through the use of repeated linear motives. I create works that appear to be self generating as though by computer design system, to this end I invite a dialogue between classical design principles and the purity of technology and machinery. Through my process I engage in a paragone with technology ,to  imitate with my own hand a machine made work in order to produce the effect of meta materiality. I want my paintings to glow from within and pulsate like a computer screen.

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