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John Pate Takes Various Inks and Medium to a New Level

I use ink with pigments, or pigments with medium to lock them in.  I also use pulverized glass, reflective beads, shattered glass in medium.  I barely use brushes except for touch-up, most is applied with rags or pens or sticks.  I use different tools and rubber tools to remove ink and pigments at times .  I like sculpting the ink and fluids into the place they rest for effect and application .  I feel it gives a nice overall effect and translates what it is to be starving for food and tools.  The inks I use are high quality and so are the pigments and mediums.  All finished pieces are varnished and UV protected during the creative process and after it is complete.
The size on my ink pieces are 22″x28″. My paintings are much larger.
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