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Pascal Janssen’s Subtle Psychedelic Melancholic Atmosphere

Mixed media artist Pascal Janssen’s art gallery shows his inspiration as a collage artist.

Pascal Janssen is a mixed media artist from Belgium. He mostly creates portrait paintings or psychedelic collages.

He also designs album covers for bands. Most of his artwork is based on music and its subcultures and is his inspiration to design album covers. He really wants to be a part of the music world, but is not a musician and this is how he found his way into that world.

Most of his paintings and collages have a subtle psychedelic or melancholic atmosphere which is why he also likes to work with portraits. The psychedelic and melancholic aspects are based on the human mind and how one sees themselves and the world around them. He’s interested in how that perception can be influenced by certain things such as drugs and can lead to psychosis, existential crisis, de-personalization, depression, and so on.

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