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Meet French Collage Artist Musta Fior


Musta Fior is a French collage artist who works and lives on the Atlantic Coast. He is a self taught. He did not study art or learn from the school of fine arts. He started sticking around five years ago, like that, just for fun. It was after his first collage posted on social networks that he found his collage was appreciated. Then, he posted a second collage, and it was appreciated too, so he posted a third and more. Since then, over time, and having received good comments about his work, collage became a passion for him.

Musta Fior mainly produces different series that may have relationships with each other or not. At the moment, these series concern working on the disintegration of corps like the series “Calendar Girls”. For this, he immersed himself regularly in his archives, old papers, magazines, books, and  images of all kinds to extract images with which he is working on a specific set. These sets usually include nine or twelve collages. After cutting the elements used for these series, he retains all the little cuts of remaining paper and with these elements, realizes a large abstract series. These are completely instinctive series.

He’s always looking to create something new, when he finds a collage is successful, it will invite him to make a second, so to make an entire series. This is often accidental introduction of elements or fragments that allow it to then organize something specific.

Musta Fior, thanks to social networks, has had the chance to meet many international collagists with whom he has done many collaborations.

A very important thing to note is that the music is a very important art for him, even vital. Thus, music is an integral part of his creative process, he listens constantly in his collage work.

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