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DH Dowling : Art Makes Us See

I grew-up in a perilously small house in the suburbs of Boston, Massachusetts. My mother and father were painters. My dad could not afford a studio so he painted in the kitchen, often with Bartok or Beethoven blaring, and while meals were being prepared. My parents habitually discussed light and likeness, color and composition. At an early age I learned to observe the world around me with a thinking eye, and developed a deep and abiding respect for artists.

When I’m shooting, I look for ghosts hidden in plain sight. I use many different cameras; it doesn’t matter which one. Cameras are tools like paint brushes. Ideas are more important than lenses. I am not obsessed with beauty. Beauty isn’t art. Art disturbs the molecules. Art makes us see. I flow with my intuition. I wade into this river willingly. The water knows more than I know. The current is strong. It is always a struggle.
I am the editor-in-chief of Mental Shoes magazine. I design and develop book covers, logos, and on-line magazines. I have directed long-form media and TV commercials for NY and Los Angeles production companies including Richmel Productions and Pacific Ocean Post, and for corporations such as Warner Brothers and Reebok. My work has garnered Telly awards, a Mobius award, a Mercury Award, New York Festival Awards, Monitor Awards, ITVA awards, and Society of Technical Communicators Awards of Distinction. Next summer, I am curating a group exhibition at Stephen Romano gallery in New York.
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  1. CB

    Love these. Haunting beauty.


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