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Imaginary Landscapes by Parisian Artist Marta Vaneva

My work is mainly about the landscape in its simplest form, a line which separates the sky and the ground. It is a sky which sometimes illuminates and sometimes threatens the horizon. And, it is the line which decides of the perspective, of the point of view. My work is a permanent confrontation between the acrylic paint and the water. At certain times the water marries the traces of the paint and is immersed into it. By other moments the water is taken over by the paint to give form and life to the sky, to the land. They are layers of paint which by obliteration with water, draws the landscape and gives all of its character. These landscapes are imaginary landscapes.

Marta Veneva was born in Paris, France in 1974. Since 2007, she has exhibited in Paris, New York, London, Moscow, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Shanghai and Berlin.

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