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From Spray Can to Canvas: Berlin Artist Remy Uno

I started with graffiti at the end of the 90’s, so my first tool is spray can. But I now I use pretty much everything such as Acrylic and more recently oil on the canvas, and sometimes a little spray and on walls, or cans and roller.

I have an exhibition in January in Espronceda, Barcelona.. It’ll be the result of a residency. I hope it’s gonna be nice.
Otherwise, when I was more into graffiti, I was invited to many countries and festivals such as Moscow, Johannesburg, Mexico, Yaounde (Cameroon), Morocco, Bristol, New Nork, Sao Paulo, Caracas… And I’ve exhibited in London, Berlin, Paris, Gold Coast in Australia and of course my hometown of Marseille, France. But to be honest, I never had a solo show in any major city, I have just been doing canvas seriously for a couple of years, so I’m pretty much unknown.

I’ve been living in Berlin for 2 years, it’s a great city to raise my daughter with my wife, and paint.
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