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Artist Spotlight: Luisa Rodriguez

Luisa Rodriguez Artist Bio

Born in Texas, Luisa Rod started drawing since she was in elementary school and began painting when she was in her early twenties. She took lessons with renown artists from Mexico. 

She pursued her BA in Art degree at Texas A&M International University, and studied in 2014 at the New York Academy of Fine Arts. 

She layers her life experiences and rites of passages in all of her works. Every stroke is filled with an array of emotions that make her work come to life. 



Texas A&M International University; Fine Arts


New York Academy of Fine Arts


2018 – Women at the Border, Laredo

2015 – Women in Art, Austin

2014 – Educational Conference, Texas A&M, Laredo

Group Exhibits:

2018 – Capital Sin, Museo Reyes Mesa

2017 – Women at the Border, Laredo Center for the Arts

2014 – Art is Art, Austin Center for the Arts

Solo Exhibits:

2020 – Blossom, Laredo

2018 – What Lies Beneath, Laredo

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  1. Leslie Jay

    I by no means know art. Just a country boy on his tractor most of the time. As a matter of fact this was my first art exhibit. That said I have to say Luisas art really spoke to me. Her paintings were amazing. In all of the show I spent so much time just looking “into” her works. They really take you somewhere when you look at them. For my first art exhibit I will have to say her work really drew me in and feel things I had not.

  2. Nick

    Randomly went to the silos for date night and walked into Louisa’s gala, she was very welcoming and even though I didn’t know to much about art she showed me the variances of her artwork and the differences everything she had done was absolutely breath taking and the stories behind the artwork was just as magical

  3. Nick Sanchez

    Discovered Luisa at the Gallery, in Houston, TX. Very impressed by the technique and ability to bring her pieces to life. Looking forward to her future work and adding another to our collection.

    1. Martin Trahan

      I went to the Silos for an art show I walked around and saw many amazing pieces by a lot of talented artists. The most memorable had to be the painting depicting the paper boat by Luisa that really caught my eye I truly enjoyed viewing them they were beautiful and calming.

  4. Lisa

    I had the pleasure of attending Luisa Rodriguez’s showing at the Silos and meeting the artist herself. Her pieces are deeply emotional, personal and very relatable. I was really drawn to a piece called The Mirror . I really look forward to seeing more of her work.

  5. Madi

    Luisa’s pieces are just stunning! I purchased my FIRST piece of art for our new home and when I saw her collections in Houston I knew she was the artist that I wanted more from.
    Putting the art aside I was able to actually meet her during her grand opening night and she has such a beautiful soul!
    I can not wait to work with her soon!

  6. Sandi Broadway

    I love Luisa’s use of colours, and the fact she uses her life experiences to create beautiful pieces. I love love love her “boats” series.

  7. Misha W

    Luisa creates such wonderful pieces! I recently had the honour to see her at her Gallery, in Houston, TX (Sawyer Yards.)

    Her ability to use colours and strokes, to tell a story are second to none. She creates, what she refers to as, “Series” of works and together, with her Artists’ Statement, truly allows me or anyone to understand what she has made! If anyone sees her work in Houston, look for her series called, “Ocho de Mayo,” it gives you insight to her and her influences as a child. It’s a brilliant series of Mixed Media, represented by folded paper to create little boats. It’s followed by another series called, “Loud Silences.” If anyone who reads this is in the Houston area, please stop by and see those and her other works!

    Seeing much of her work at her Gallery in Houston, shows a wonderful ability, to completely change “styles” (if that would be the word to use, I am an art lover but still a layman.)

    I really want to see more of what she has and seeing her future shows, when I was at the event in Houston, I heard that she will be the Featured Artist, early next year in San Antonio!

    I am truly a fan and feel lucky to have gotten one of her individual pieces.

    Cheers, Luisa… and don’t stop painting!!!


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