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Artist Diary: Carol-Marie Sneed

We, as a people, have all experienced ups, downs, triumphs, and tribulations. Very few can express it visually. However, for us artists, we can use all of the emotions we feel to our advantage. It is all worth it for the freedom of expression through art. Being able to have an outlet is very fulfilling.

Whether I have the day off or I am working, I will suddenly get the urge to paint. Time is of no consequence. I have painted at 2:00 in the morning knowing that I have to get up at 7:30 am. Not knowing what I am going to paint; I just clear my mind and let it come to me. It depends on my mood. I can be in the mood for something colorful like street art, minimalistic like a squiggly, or thought provoking like the topics of global warming or militia, or even just something playful.

Once I have an idea, I just let it flow using whatever colors and tools I have available. This includes using paint, markers, fabric, tape, stencils, and sponges.

The worst part about painting is when you’re in the zone and you either run out paint or run out of canvas to continue your series. It’s never the same when you go back to it. Also, it can be difficult when you have a heavily layered piece to patiently wait for the layers to dry when you just want to continue.

What I have learned not to do is to start painting on a wet layer or use a fan. Also, you can’t rush the artwork or the process even if it takes several days to come to you. The longest break I’ve taken between layers was a month. It was well worth it. You can’t force the idea if it doesn’t come to you right away. Furthermore, if the painting looks good to you, STOP, even if you feel the thought is incomplete.

Painting to me is an expression of beauty and harmony. If it looks appealing then I stop — there are no more layers needed. I am visually captured by color, texture, and noise. Noise meaning “loudness” or “frou-frouness” in art. I am certain it’s why I gravitate towards nontraditional art. My methods reflect that. As a mixed media artist, there is no limit to what one may consider as art.

My art infuses street art and fashion which is why I call it “art couture”. I want my pieces to feel like a piece of a wardrobe that not only decorates your house, but decorates the canvas.

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  1. Sue

    Intriguing post. cool post.

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  3. Sneed

    Hey Creative Sugar Mag,

    I just wanted to say thank you for this amazing opportunity. I appreciate you showcasing my work on your website. It’s great exposure and I truly appreciate it.



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