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The Organization of Desire: Writing & Art by Pierre Emmanuel Fillet

Pierre Emmanuel Fillet is something of a rarity in contemporary art. Both artist and writer—as well as an actor and filmmaker—Fillet’s sensibility cannot be confined to an easy rubric or reduced to a single genre. His intelligence is an intricate web of transferences from one region of experience to another, culminating in a mathematical formalism that everywhere verges on the mythic. As he says in L’art numérique: hybridation, an unpublished manuscript: “We could understand digital matrices as a kind of animism, an animism whose gods would be conceived as systems and structures, each god warring against the others, while forming itself out of objects and functions.”

In paintings such as Neural Receptor Head and o¨rin, Fillet manifests a covert vitality in the minutest details of Picabian, machine-like structures. An upsurging psychical quality binds their intricate tessellations: a momentousness portending a fully realized utopia, which at this stage of human evolution is only visible diagrammatically. Detailing the virtual schematics of a world where intelligence and form are soldered tightly together, Fillet’s paintings redefine with unique expressivity our notion of “system.” They present a vast interrelatedness of parts and render a spatially eloquent freedom.

The works included here are organic, gestural responses to the ubiquity of digital mediation, portraying an a priori reality saturated with functional configurations that resemble structures of the visible world. Examining Fillet’s work closely, one notes a complex weaving of collage elements with gestural brushstrokes, assembled with a mathematic elegance that questions digital media itself, making visual space an arena of vectors in motion. Fillet engages both his pallette and the extension of spatiality on their own terms, confronting his medium as a set of questions to be practically answered through his practice and the production of individual paintings. The result is an atmosphere of nervousness not to be confused with anxiety. It’s simply what happens when we realize that the matter we shape through our technologies is the concretized extension of our human bodies.



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