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Bushwick Brooklyn Street Art

Brooklyn Summer

With summer comes heat, and the need for relief
like taking the local train just soak up A/C
smoke in the street from the BBQ and weed
thick girls showing skin in bikinis at the beach
Johnny pumps bring Coney Island to the street
little kids in wife beaters, Satmars in tzitzits
getting girls numbers and ice at Circos,
Cuchi fritos ordering morcilla at the window
Utica is lined with smoking drums
while the parks fill up with drunken bums
girls sucking on Mamitas passion cream
guys on the corner notice, ready to scream
cops out in force for Thursday night sweeps
old timers bitch on how things used to be
sensory overload from summer’s intensity
and for those who constantly wish for winter…
kiss my fucking ass, and learn to take the heat

By JP Greco

Check out dozens of Bushwick locations with great street art here:

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