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Berlin Artist Anelor Robin on Being a Gluehead

One day, someone told me I was a hamster because I’m a weird collector. I’m doing a collection of supermarket’s pictures, napkins, plastic ice spoons…I also have a fetish for sponges. I go to flea markets, bins, and streets to find my material.

My work deals with different medium performance, collage, culinary design, installation, and photography. I’m working instinctively, inspired by ghosts of my childhood and cheesy and trashy aesthetic. Collage is my recipe. I became a collage addict early on, while in kindergarten, I remember, at our crafts activities.

Back then we all used the glue called Cleopatra – the queen mother of glues. I got hooked by its smell and the blue drawing of this female ruler on the tub. It was a sweet odor that made me feel dizzy and like marshmallow. I used to sneak out during our nap time and find some hidden place to indulge in my addiction of sniffing the Queen Mother of Glue – Cleopatra. After a while, a little guy found out about my secret and confessed to me that he loved eating paper. We became best friends, spending the nap time eating paper and sniffing glue. We were the perfect couple, Cleopatra and Julius Cesar of the Glue Playground Empire. I think this experience stayed locked in my subconscious.

In 2014, I moved to Berlin and started to work as a curator on an editorial collage project called GlueHeads. GlueHeads is an on- going contemporary collage project bringing together artists, collage lovers, a pile of magazines, scissors, glue and a hint of good spirit.

Every 4 months more or less, I gather and pick an artist to make collages with in one day. At the end of the day there is an exhibition and 4 months later a magazine. In a near future Glueheads will go abroad, and travel to build new collaboration and extend the panorama of contemporary art collage.


Anelor Robin born in France, lives in Berlin.

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